Dissabte, 20 Abril 2019

Draghi: regulate or ban bitcoin, not ECB’s task


European Central Bank’s President, (ECB) Mario Draghi, has stated in a session of #AskDraghi, that either regulate or ban Bitcoin (BTC) is “not his job.”

In a round of critiques against the cryptocurrency, he has noticed that “a euro today, is a euro tomorrow,” making the European currency stable, in contrast with the BTC, which has a dramatically fluctuating value. Precisely for this reason, Draghi does not consider BTC as a currency. Finally, he has remarked that ECB’s job is not to ban or regulate BTC.

In a sharp contrast, Draghi has praised Blockchain technology, and expecting it to be “promising.” He assured that BTC would bring many benefits to the economy and recognized that they are “very interested in this technology,” even thoug it is not entirely “secure yet.”


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